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Cosmic Trail 2

2007-12-22 19:43:33 by theafroguy

Working on a sequel to the much-loved (hah!) Cosmic Trail. I still think it's a good concept, it just needs realising better, and that's our plan. We're testing out some new control schemes at the moment, and I'm working on a more pixel-based control scheme. Ooh, maybe I should plug in my guitar for the new soundtrack. That would be awesome.


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2008-01-09 16:25:19

+1 comment for theafroguy, congratz!


2008-01-20 10:07:44

hahahahahahahaha LMFAO NICE PICTURE LOL ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


2008-01-28 11:49:21

i think you should try mouse control.

theafroguy responds:

That's the plan now, it's a lot smoother and easier to control.


2008-03-01 12:55:00

well.. sweet! im looking forward to it :P